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Sentry Energy Production's Mission Statement

            Sentry is a privately held oil and gas exploration and development company that focuses on developing proven reserves in areas that have exhibited a history of high-drilling success ratios.  Sentry's goal is to offer its partners an opportunity to actively participate in the oil and gas industry, often as a way to balance or diversify their already existing portfolios.  Sentry's goal is to provide the best possible partnership experience it can for its partners by focusing our experienced staff on three (3) areas:


1.         Identifying lower risk, less expensive development wells, or new pay zones of already developed wells, located in areas that have already shown a history of proven production and have existing transportation infrastructure for oil and natural gas production. 

2.         Utilizing newly developed or enhanced technology that allows new production from areas that have already exhibited a history of oil and natural gas production.

3.         A commitment to providing only the most open, honest and direct communication to our partners without regard to the status of the joint venture, the size of the partner's participation, or the success of the joint venture. 


            We believe that this sets Sentry apart from the many competitors in the field, and will allow us to have long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our joint venture partners.




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